The Dominion of West Canada originates from the feeling of a disconnect between East Canada and West Canada, alongside the increasing sentiment for Canadian Republicanism. Governor-General of West Canada sought it fit to declare a new British Dominion known as West Canada, distinctly still Canadian. The West Canadian Dominion differentiates itself from the Wexit movement by still pleading loyalty to the Crown and to the Commonwealth, but not that of Eastern Canada, they do not want to be separate from the Imperial Dominions, just that of their cousins to the East.


The Dominion of West Canada was founded on the 18th of February 2021, but the idea for something similar has floated since 2018, various other projects have been made by the Governor-General, but he is set on the foundation of the Dominion of West Canada. West Canada has made several developments since its foundation, shortly after the creation, the Dominion got into contact with another similarly-goaled nation known as the Dominion of Vancouver Island (then known as the Commonwealth of Lazonesia). The Constitution of the Dominion of West Canada was ratified on the 16th of March 2021, after being finished by the Governor-General and passed by the Provisional Parliament of the time. The first election took place on March 25th 2021, with a Conservative majority winning the House and Mattias F. being elected first Prime Minister of West Canada.


The flag of the Dominion of West Canada is a blue British ensign with a red bar to the far right, split from the blue with a white line and the canton defaced with St. Edward's crown. The Flag is similar to other British Dominions who share identical ensigns, however the flag of the West Canadian Dominion distinguishes itself by providing unique design elements in the flag. The flag has symbolism as well, the blue representing the people of West Canada, the red representing the East we split from, and the white representing the border between us.