The Armed Forces of West Canada are made up of the Army, the Navy, and the Airforce of West Canada. Each Branch of the West Canadian Armed Forces serve a different form of the unified purpose of defending the interests and borders of West Canada as a nation. West Canada founded the Armed Forces to insure that the nation went untouched during the ratification and creation of the Constitution. There were fears that foreign powers and internal turmoil could interfere during such an unstable time in the history of West Canada. The Armed Forces currently makes up the majority of the West Canadian budget, their entire assets making up at least $1,000 in equipment.


The Army is the largest and primary fighting force of the West Canadian Armed Forces, the Army is made up of ground Personnel and they take the fight to any enemies of West Canada as a man-to-man ground unit. Their general equipment is woodland camouflage, with webbing and personal equipment on a belt. The only rifle currently owned by the West Canadian Army is an 1800 pattern Baker rifle, although there are smaller firearms used for personal defence alongside combat shovels and knives. The West Canadian Army is made up of 2 active duty Personnel and has no reserve Personnel.

a Soldier of the West Canadian Army


The secondary force of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Navy is the sea and water services of the Military. It is responsible for defending all of the waters of West Canada, from Manitoba Lakes to the Pacific Ocean, it's important for defending the interests of the Dominion in the bodies of water which makes up so much of our nation. The Navy currently consists of a few light assault boats, but is expected to expand significantly in the near future as Military budget increases. Admirals of the Navy are among the most disciplined Servicemen of the West Canadian Forces, as they are responsible for actively making sure they don't sink into the icy depths at all times. The West Canadian Navy is made up of 1 active duty Personnel and has no reserve Personnel.